Reiki 1&2 Holy Fire Certification
Reiki 1&2 Holy Fire Certification

Emiliana Energy

Reiki 1&2 Holy Fire Certification

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Whether you just want to heal yourself and your loved ones, or you want to start your own energy healing practice, this course will teach you how to step into your purpose.

In this course you will come to my house and learn the following over 2 days:

about the Subtle Bodies + Chakra system and how they can affect your overall health

how to channel Universal Energy through your hands

how to invoke healing energy through symbols and intention

how to use subtle energy to clear blockages, and heal pain and trauma in the energy-body

how to trust your intuition and use your natural psychic gifts to help heal others – even if you don’t think you have any

how to use Color Therapy to enhance your healing treatments

In addition, you will receive 2 attunements designed for spiritual connection, awakening, and understanding.