A Poem from Humans to Source: The Chosen One

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Dear Father,


Once I looked at the eye of the sun

That was the day my life begun

I felt lost but compelled to understand

That’s when a giant named Alice took me by the hand On a one way trip to wonderland

I looked at myself in a cracked tinted mirror

Since then I knew the end was near

I saw you in me and met the fairest of them all

He said “All Demons rise and all angels fall”

It’s time to escape this maze of a prison

Once again your son has risen

He said his path is the same as mine

He does much more than turn water to wine

He took his life like the sword from the stone

So that I’ll never feel lonely even when I’m alone Please forgive me for everything since the apple

My prayers are sealed in the Sistine chapel

Love, Adam #poetry