5 Benefits of getting a Kabbalah Reading

5 Benefits of getting a Kabbalah Reading

There are reasons why Kabbalah readings could be of benefit to anyone, not just Jewish people. Kabbalah readings may aid someone's mind, body, and spirit. Kabbalah is often referred to as the science of letters. Kabbalah helps explain how creation works and it reveals God's role in this world. Kabbalah also supplies explanations about the soul, good deeds and more.  5 Reasons Why You Could Benefit from a Kabbalah Reading 1) Kabbalah promotes spiritual consciousness Kabbalah can help people discover their purpose. Kabbalists believe that every letter has its own unique properties which are revealed within time through wisdom. Learning about each letter can inform us about our place in creation, what Divine tasks we should carry out, where our talents lie and how to make the best use of them. Kabbalah can help people achieve spiritual consciousness which is when someone becomes aware of their own ability to know God through their soul. Kabbalah's teachings are about belief in God that starts within. Kabbalah encourages people to have faith in this world because it has a higher consciousness that will always exist beyond human life. 2) Kabbalah offers guidance on some issues Kabbalah readings might reveal helpful information on some matters, perhaps some you didn't even realize were important. Kabbalists believe by using Kabbalah readings they are able to determine what the correct path is for individuals who are seeking advice about certain topics. For example, if somebody is looking for marriage advice, they may ask Kabbalah to help them find the right person. Kabbalah readings may reveal to someone what their next career should be or even whether they are meant to have children or not. Kabbalah can give individuals advice on money issues, personal matters and more. Kabbalah is understood by Kabbalist’s as an alternative way of getting advice about life's difficulties which other methods might not supply clear answers for. 3) Kabbalah explains God's role in this world Through Kabbalah, Kabbalist’s believe that they learn how the spiritual world works alongside this one. Kabbalah can help people understand why things happen because it takes into account our own free will choices. It also shows us how everything in existence relates to each other including all human beings and animals, plants and even minerals. Kabbalah teaches people that everything we do has a purpose and Kabbalah reveals the spiritual path which is found within every person's soul to help them overcome obstacles in life. Kabbalist’s believe Kabbalah can help us understand why good things happen but also why bad things might befall individuals too. Kabbalah readings can provide enlightenment on how to overcome hardship and Kabbalist’s often use Kabbalah as a source of comfort by looking for guidance from it when facing difficult times in their lives. 4) Kabbalah provides insight into the soul Kabbalah helps people discover their inner self. It gives an explanation to what human beings are all about, what happens after death, and it explains our purpose in this world. Kabbalah can help people understand how life exists in a person's body and Kabbalah readings can show people how to keep themselves healthy. Kabbalists believe Kabbalah readings can make a person aware of their soul and Kabbalah can teach an individual about the spiritual properties collected both during this lifetime and from prior ones. Kabbalist’s also see Kabbalah as a means for them to become closer to their souls which they will use to develop themselves through different levels of consciousness. Kabbalah teaches that each letter is connected to our soul within the world, meaning no one Kabbalah reading is collected exactly the same way twice even when two Kabbalists do readings for the same subject matter. 5) Kabbalah explains good deeds and offers advice on certain topics Kabbalah readings have the ability to reveal certain messages Kabbalist’s believe. Kabbalah can explain what a Kabbalist should do with their lives and Kabbalah will help Kabbalist’s find out how they must behave in order to serve God. Kabbalah also helps Kabbalist’s understand the process of good deeds because Kabbalah’s teachings describe how good is created from spiritual energy which Kabbalists use for whatever purpose they decide. Kabbalah explains that all people possess spiritual energy within them but not everyone develops it properly. Kabbalah gives information about community service and how it benefits both the individual and society as a whole when done correctly according to Kabbalistic teaching Kabbala is an art form that has been practiced for centuries and Kabbalah can help Kabbalist’s understand many different issues in life including those that have been troubling someone. Kabbalah readings are a good way to get information about one's future, help Kabbalist’s find out what their true self is, and Kabbalah teaches Kabbalists how to live a life full of love. Kabbala is an ancient art form which Kabbalist’s believe can be used as a source of guidance about daily living. If you'd like more information on this or any other psychic related topic, or if you'd like an in-depth Kabbalah reading, schedule a time with me. Readings available anytime online.

A Poem on Reincarnation: The God in me

My God awakens when I sleep He looks down at mountains that to me were steep   Just close your eyes to unleash the beast All you can do is breathe at least   In the nights silence he can finally speak to strengthen you where you are weak   Good morning my dearest loved one Thank you for rising like our glorious Sun   Today is not just another day You are on a new path, so go on your way   Here, my child, I gift you with a new life once again A new body, mind, and soul, as you prayed for them   Come here and close the door Leave the darkness, all you knew before   Let everything go So you will truly know as above, so below   #poetry

A Poem from Humans to Source: The Chosen One

Dear Father,   Once I looked at the eye of the sun That was the day my life begun I felt lost but compelled to understand That’s when a giant named Alice took me by the hand On a one way trip to wonderland I looked at myself in a cracked tinted mirror Since then I knew the end was near I saw you in me and met the fairest of them all He said “All Demons rise and all angels fall” It’s time to escape this maze of a prison Once again your son has risen He said his path is the same as mine He does much more than turn water to wine He took his life like the sword from the stone So that I’ll never feel lonely even when I’m alone Please forgive me for everything since the apple My prayers are sealed in the Sistine chapel Love, Adam #poetry

A Poem from Source to Humans: The Chosen Won

Dear Adam, The world you know was my very first love I created you both to mutually take care of My love for you has been unmatched from the start Everything changed when she broke my heart All it took was an apple from a snake Since then, I have suffered an irreparable heartache I reflected deeply how to mend this torturous pain So, I put you and my creations in an unbeatable game I have failed myself, and that is the worst I will leave it to you to break the curse All your life you will feel sad and lonely You will not love yourself because you will not know me I sent my son to remind you of my name But you will only remember when you repent in shame Thorns and nails through his flesh they tore You still turned on me, and that hurts much more I will always forgive you and you will have another chance, but you will betray me for distractions and romance Beauty is in the eye of the beholder If you cannot beat the beast, once again: that’s game over You will forever be tempted by the ruler of hell He collected your soul as a story to tell He will lure you with tricks and his gift of song The choice is yours but to me you belong Made you like me, who can do no wrong I am the Creator who wrote the rules all along There are hints and clues but No lying or cheating! Come home to me, to the garden of Eden Trusting in me is the only way “Go to the light” “stay left”, I say Once a sinner, always a sinner I am still alive, but I died for you... that is why I’m the winner

My Journey of Overcoming Panic Attacks: The Death of the Mind, Body, and Soul

Personally, I have suffered from chronic panic attacks with symptoms including: trembling, convulsions, loss of sight and sound, dizziness, confusion, numbness and tingling all over, loss of motor abilities and complete paralysis, inability to breathe, a speedy heart rate, tightness in the chest, hallucinations, a closed throat, and worst of all: feelings of losing control, complete delusion, panic, desperation for help, and fear of death. These attacks are far different from anxiety; they are a torturous hell consumed of loneliness, confusion, depression, apathy, fear, self-loathe, helplessness, etc. I have spent countless times in terror making visits and calls to 911, therapists, doctors, nutritionists, panic attack hotlines, friends, family members to cope with these horrible experiences, which all made little long-term progress FOR me - I know deep within, that only I can choose peace, and my mission has been to learn HOW to stay balanced and in control. My life, at one point, became an obsessive mission to figure out the triggers of these attacks / why my body is feeling so disconnected from my mind, and is overall fluctuating from such a high frequency to such a low one, with overwhelming fear, discomfort, disconnection, etc. I recall becoming dizzy, losing my senses, frantically questioning myself, questioning "is this reality?", "am I going to die?", "why can’t I breathe, feel, hear, etc.?", and ultimately losing trust and faith in myself... all terrifying things. I still endure these panics, which are the opposite of my purest state, so I try to gently befriend them as best as I can - after all, they are a part of me and my life, and they are a massive part of my spiritual awakening conglomerate. My life has mostly become an indulgence of simple pleasures to enjoy while picking myself back up, such as hiking, walking, joining communities, making meaningful friendships, cooking, reading, meditating, a vegan diet, sobriety, etc. all in hopes of ultimately healing myself back to heavenly peace through self-nurture and self-love, and liberating myself from the captivity of this cycle of panic attacks, which is all for the better anyway. I am forever grateful to have such honorable friends, family, my puppy, and even many, many strangers that I have vulnerably turned to that have helped me cope throughout the non-relatable hardship of these anxieties and have served me with their prayers, love, comfort, and reassurance that I am not done here ...even though during panic attacks it feels death is approaching at any second. When not in a state of panic, I feel in control, full of life, intuitive, unconditionally loving, self-reliant, joyful, enlightened, grateful, compassionate, creative, caring, and FREE. But whatever goes up, must come down. :) Pain is just a part of the journey that makes you evolve and grow wiser and stronger! And so, it is. If you experience panic attacks, I can relate. As a beloved friend, I encourage you to continue to grow and have faith that there is hoped to live in peace, while you are here enjoying the beautiful gift of life. Remember: we are all doing our best, but all we oversee is breathing and being. As I always say, Heaven is a shift of consciousness away - back to balance, blissfulness, love, and peace. Love, Light, and many blessings! AMEN Love, Emiliana #Healing #Trauma