A Poem from Source to Humans: The Chosen Won

Dear Adam,

The world you know was my very first love

I created you both to mutually take care of

My love for you has been unmatched from the start

Everything changed when she broke my heart

All it took was an apple from a snake

Since then, I have suffered an irreparable heartache

I reflected deeply how to mend this torturous pain

So, I put you and my creations in an unbeatable game I have failed myself, and that is the worst

I will leave it to you to break the curse

All your life you will feel sad and lonely

You will not love yourself because you will not know me

I sent my son to remind you of my name

But you will only remember when you repent in shame Thorns and nails through his flesh they tore

You still turned on me, and that hurts much more

I will always forgive you and you will have another chance, but you will betray me for distractions and romance Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

If you cannot beat the beast, once again: that’s game over You will forever be tempted by the ruler of hell

He collected your soul as a story to tell

He will lure you with tricks and his gift of song

The choice is yours but to me you belong

Made you like me, who can do no wrong

I am the Creator who wrote the rules all along

There are hints and clues but No lying or cheating! Come home to me, to the garden of Eden

Trusting in me is the only way

“Go to the light” “stay left”, I say

Once a sinner, always a sinner

I am still alive, but I died for you... that is why I’m the winner